Breakout Trading Stop Loss and Take Profit Techniques

Stop Loss and Take Profit Techniques for Breakout Trading with MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Breakout trading is a popular strategy used by forex traders to capture substantial price movements that occur after a period of consolidation. To effectively execute breakout trades, traders must employ appropriate stop loss and take profit techniques. MetaTrader 5 (MT5) offers a range of tools and features that can assist traders in implementing these techniques. In this article, we will explore various stop loss and take profit techniques for breakout trading in relation to MT5.

Setting Stop Loss Levels for Breakout Trading

Stop loss levels are essential in breakout trading as they help limit potential losses if a breakout fails or reverses. Here are several techniques to consider when setting stop loss levels in MT5:

  1. Support/Resistance Levels: Identify key support or resistance levels that may act as barriers against price movement. Set the stop loss level below support for long breakout trades and above resistance for short breakout trades.
  2. Volatility-Based Stop Loss: Consider the volatility of the market during the consolidation phase. Set wider stop loss levels for higher volatility environments to avoid premature exits, and narrower stop loss levels for lower volatility scenarios.
  3. ATR-Based Stop Loss: Use the Average True Range (ATR) indicator in MT5 to gauge the average range of price movements. Multiply the ATR value by a factor to determine the distance for the stop loss level. Higher factors account for greater volatility.

Determining Take Profit Levels for Breakout Trading

Take profit levels in breakout trading are crucial for capturing profits before a potential reversal occurs. Here are some techniques to consider when determining take profit levels in MT5:

  1. Measuring the Breakout Range: Calculate the range of the consolidation phase before the breakout occurred. Add this range to the breakout level to determine a potential target for the take profit level.
  2. Fibonacci Extensions: Apply Fibonacci retracement and extension tools in MT5 to identify potential target levels beyond the breakout. Fibonacci extension levels can serve as profit targets based on the projected magnitude of the breakout.
  3. Trailing Stop Technique: Utilize a trailing stop order in MT5 to lock in profits as the price continues to move favorably. Adjust the trailing stop level based on predefined criteria, such as a specific percentage or number of pips, to secure profits while allowing for potential further price appreciation.

Using MT5 Tools and Features for Breakout Trading

MT5 offers various tools and features that can enhance breakout trading and aid in stop loss and take profit placement:

  1. Custom Indicators: MT5 allows traders to install custom indicators developed by themselves or other traders. These indicators can provide specific breakout-related signals, aiding in the identification of entry points and the placement of stop loss and take profit levels.
  2. Chart Patterns: Utilize MT5’s chart pattern recognition tools to identify breakout patterns such as triangles, rectangles, or wedges. These patterns can help confirm breakouts and provide guidance for stop loss and take profit placement.
  3. Market News and Economic Calendar: Stay informed about market news and economic events that may impact the currency pair you are trading. News-driven breakouts can be more volatile, requiring adjustments to stop loss and take profit levels.


Implementing effective stop loss and take profit techniques is crucial for breakout trading success. By utilizing the features and tools available in MetaTrader 5 (MT5), traders can enhance their breakout strategies and manage risk more efficiently.

Consider setting stop loss levels based on support and resistance, market volatility, and the ATR indicator. Determine take profit levels using breakout range measurements, Fibonacci extensions, or trailing stop techniques. Additionally, leverage MT5’s custom indicators, chart pattern recognition tools, and access to market news and economic calendars to refine your breakout trading decisions.

By incorporating these stop loss and take profit techniques in your breakout trading strategy with MT5, you can improve your risk management, optimize profit potential, and increase your chances of success in the dynamic forex market.